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Quarterwave Corporation's current Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Amplifiers have evolved from the wide band, pulsed Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTA) that were introduced shortly after the founding of the company in 1987.

Those first TWTA were developed to meet the demanding requirements of radar cross-section measurement and simulation of target signatures that were essential to the development of advanced radar and stealth technology. Quarterwave's TWT Amplifiers have become the industry standards for reliable, stable, low noise amplifiers required for radar parameter measurement and simulation of microwave signals for electronic warfare and training.

Additional microwave amplifiers have been developed which incorporate the state-of-the-art performance of the initial amplifiers with integral microprocessors. The company's TWTA line has expanded to include both CW and pulsed TWT amplifiers covering most of the microwave spectrum as well as versatile power conversion systems and test equipment for traveling wave tubes. All of Quarterwave's new TWTAs contain embedded microprocessors, which provide leading edge RF performance with high speed control that is addressable through standard industry communication protocols including ethernet.

Our power system technology is based upon patented power conversion circuits and fast fault detection circuits which limit the energy available to a TWT fault to less than a joule. We have also developed efficient air-cooling systems to keep the TWT operating temperature within the manufacturer's specified limits under worst case conditions. At Quarterwave, we understand that providing a gentle and protective environment for the TWT is essential to producing long lived TWT amplifiers. We are now providing the same features in OEM power supplies and test equipment for operating TWTs.

Positioned to Provide Quick Response

Quarterwave is located in the heart of California's wine country, just 45 minutes from San Francisco or Oakland and 90 minutes from Sacramento. The facility is in a light industrial area surrounded by high quality fabrication and assembly houses that provide support to Quarterwave and larger, local electronics companies, including Hewlett Packard Microwave Division.

Quarterwave teams its own state-of-the-art design engineering, assembly and microwave test facilities together with support from neighboring companies to shorten product development and manufacturing cycles. This neighborhood teamwork assures rapid response to unique customer specifications and demanding production schedules.

Our Success Is Built On Customer Satisfaction

Quarterwave Corporation TWTAs are backed by an unconditional 12 month warranty. We also provide the initial training, documentation and continued on line or on site support, as required to assure smooth installation and long term customer satisfaction.

Quarterwave Corp. manufactures a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) line of Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Amplifiers that range in power from 5 Watts CW to 50 kW peak, pulsed.
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  • Reliable Operation
  • Value Engineered
  • 20 Watts to 50K Watts
  • Versatile Modulation
  • Low AM & PM Noise
  • Standard RS232 Interface or Ethernet
  • .5 to 100 GHz Frequency
  • Pulsed and CW Operation
  • Extended RF Performance
  • Flexible, Expandable
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